Delivering Restoration & Conservation at Scale

Increasingly, environmental regulations are mandating that development projects result in “no net loss” of natural resources—meaning any unavoidable impacts must be fully mitigated. These requirements are driving rapidly rising demand for land-based environmental offsets, particularly for wetland and stream resources. However, there are limited sources of private investment capital to address this growing need.

Ecosystem Investment Partners meets the demand for efficient and effective forms of compliance through our differentiated strategy: investing in ecological restoration at scale. Through the conservation and restoration of our mitigation bank properties, we generate stream, endangered species and wetland credits for our customers while producing risk-adjusted returns for our investors—and lasting environmental benefits.

EIP Investment Model

Our Proven Approach to Mitigation Banking


Acquire land with high conservation significance and potential to generate mitigation credits and environmental offsets.


Secure mitigation bank approval efficiently and cost-effectively through our expertise in site selection and bank entitlement.


Restore properties according to the highest possible standards and then permanently protect them through perpetual conservation easements and deed restrictions.


Provide the highest quality service to our customers, delivering stream, endangered species and wetland banking credits on time and at a reasonable cost.

Targeted Investment Strategy

EIP targets rural real estate acquisitions throughout the U.S. that have degraded or threatened ecological or habitat features, offering opportunities for us to create value through restoration and mitigation bank entitlement. Our acquisitions typically target geographies with three key characteristics:

Extensive, significant and regulated natural resources such as wetlands, streams or endangered species habitats

Active land development in the area generating significant demand for environmental offsets (e.g., wetland credits)

Effective enforcement of environmental laws requiring that unavoidable ecological impacts are offset through high-quality mitigation

Target Investment Size
$10—$40 Million
1,000–30,000 Acres

Valued Partner in Finding Environmental Solutions

EIP has developed a deep and extensive network of relationships that provides insight into demand for stream, endangered species and wetland banking credits throughout the U.S., including:

  • Local mitigation bankers   
  • Permitting consultants   
  • Federal, state and local regulatory agencies   
  • Non-governmental conservation organizations   
  • Large land owners
  • Major mitigation users

This approach enables us to conserve and restore some of the most ecologically significant properties in the U.S., while eliminating mitigation risk for our valued customers.