Performance Based Contracts are a unique approach to meeting environmental requirements

Performance Based Contracts with Ecosystem Partners (EIP) offer several important advantages for your project.

Whether environmental restoration requirements arise from consent decrees, government mandates or environmental permits, Performance Based Contracts provide confidence that these requirements will be fully satisfied and on budget.  EIP takes on performance risk and payment is made when restoration milestones are met.

Performance Based Contracts give you confidence that you will meet your environmental requirements.

Target Ecological Uplift

Characteristics of Performance Based Contracts

  • Full delivery solution for environmental restoration requirements, including:
    • Property identification and control
    • Project Design
    • Regulatory permitting
    • Construction
    • Monitoring and maintenance
    • Streamlined Contracting
  • Payments are associated with quantifiable restoration milestones
  • Satisfies environmental restoration requirements arising from various sources, including consent decrees, government mandates and environmental permits.

Advantages of EIP Performance Based Contracts

Cost Effective
Full delivery of restoration results decreases your overall restoration costs.
Eliminates Up-Front Costs
You incur costs only upon delivery of quantifiable restoration milestones.
Provides Budget Certainty
Pricing and payment schedule is predictable.
Releases You from Liability
EIP assumes all responsibility for performance, including 10+ years of monitoring, maintenance and reporting requirements.
Performance Certainty
Full delivery contracting where payment is associated with the successful achievement of milestones means that you have the certainty that your restoration requirements will be met completely.

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