Ecosystem Investment Partners Completes Acquisitions In Florida

September 24, 2014

September 24, 2014

Ecosystem Investment Partners is pleased to announce the acquisition of 891 acres in central Florida consisting of two parcels established as the Peace River Basin Wetland Mitigation Bank and the Boran Ranch Wetland Mitigation Bank. EIP additionally acquired control of significant additional acreage that has great restoration potential and the ability to service the large mitigation needs of central Florida’s Bone Valley region. These properties are located proximate to important wetland and wildlife corridors including some of the finest remaining examples of scrub habitat in Florida. Through these banks, EIP has a large mitigation credit supply that is available to service major projects with significant, unavoidable wetland impacts throughout the Peace River watershed.

The Peace River begins in southwest Florida’s Green Swamp, and flows through a 2,350 square mile watershed from a well defined and winding channel towards a floodplain that exceeds a mile in width before it discharges into Charlotte Harbor, Florida’s second largest estuary, located between Sarasota and Fort Myers.  The Charlotte Harbor Estuary has been designated as an ‘Outstanding Florida Water’ and also as an estuary of national significance under the National Estuary Program.  The South West Florida Water Management District has designated the estuary a priority water body for restoration and protection. EIP’s conservation and restoration of the properties acquired are supporting these important environmental goals.

Ecosystem Investment Partners is a leading provider of high quality compensatory mitigation for wetland, stream, and species habitat impacts, and has a portfolio of mitigation banks across the country.

To inquire about reserving mitigation credits, please contact Wade Waltimyer, Florida Representative, at (941) 426-7878 x276 or