Delivering the Value of Nature Restored

Ecosystem Investment Partners is a unique private investment manager that delivers the highest quality ecological restoration and conservation projects across the U.S. Through our investment funds, we acquire, restore and permanently protect priority conservation properties, and sell the credits we generate to customers who must offset their unavoidable environmental impacts.

With over $500 million in assets under management across three funds, EIP is a national leader in large-scale ecological restoration and conservation. Over the past decade, we have protected and restored regionally significant properties in the U.S.–providing both a return to our investors and lasting environmental benefits. Our mitigation banking investments provide the highest-quality environmental offsets to meet our nation’s development needs, and performance based contracts with public agencies provide timely and cost-effective delivery of regional restoration priority projects.

$513 Million

Assets Under Management

150+ Miles

of Streams Restored

43,000+ Acres

of Wetlands Restored

57,000+ Acres