Privacy Policy

Ecosystem Investment Partners, LLC (“EIP”) collects and processes Personal Data (which we define below) about you from your use of this website and through other means, such as by contacting us directly by phone or email or more generally in the course of operating our business. This Privacy Notice explains how we collect Personal Data, how we use your Personal Data and how you can assert your rights in accordance with applicable data protection laws. This Privacy Notice does not address our privacy practices with respect to any Personal Data we may collect from an investor in the funds that we sponsor or manage. We address these practices in separate notices to investors as required by law.

1. What is Personal Data and what Personal Data do we collect?
“Personal Data” is any information relating to you or that we can otherwise link to you or your household. The Personal Data we collect on this website may include your name, email address, residential address, IP address, login information for our investor portal and other contact information. Some of this information we will only have access to if you provide it to us. When you visit our website, we may collect information about you when you enter and browse our website through the use of “cookies,” web server logs and other electronic tools. This information may include, without limitation, the number and frequency of your visits to our website, the websites accessed before and after you visit our website, the internet browser used by you and your IP

In addition to Personal Data collected from your use of our website, we may also collect Personal Data regarding our business contacts, partners, current and prospective investors, vendors and other contacts. We will collect some of this Personal Data if you contact our office or employees directly.

2. How do we collect Personal Data?
We collect Personal Data that you voluntarily provide to us, such as through “contact us” forms you choose to submit on our website to obtain more information about EIP or our funds. We may also collect Personal Data through the use of “cookies” on our website, in the ordinary course of evaluating service providers, vendors and investments, in marketing our funds or from publicly available or accessible directories, databases and agencies.

3. How do we use your Personal Data?
We use the Personal Data we collect from you on our website for communication purposes, such as, but not limited to (i) sending you information about EIP and/or our investment funds and (ii) maintaining our list of contacts. We use the Personal Data we collect from you through other means for business purposes, such as, but not limited to (i) communicating with service providers and vendors (ii) researching investment opportunities and (iii) managing our investments.

4. Why do we process your Personal Data?
We process your Personal Data collected from your use of this website for certain business reasons, including communication and marketing purposes. We process your Personal Data collected by other means for other business reasons, including managing our business and our funds’ investments.

5. What legal basis do we use to process your Personal Data?
In accordance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), we rely on our legitimate business interests in maintaining business relationships and communicating about EIP’s business as the basis for collecting your Personal Data.

6. Is it necessary to provide Personal Data?
You are not required to submit information to us through this website. However, we may collect “cookies”, which do not require your consent. For our service providers, vendors, investors and other contacts, it is necessary to provide some Personal Data in order for us to do business with you.

7. With whom do we share your Personal Data?
We will not share your Personal Data with third parties except in the context of those third parties acting as data processors. For example, we may use a customer relationship manager software platform to organize our business contacts, and your Personal Data may reside on that software. Where relevant, we will ensure that contractual safeguards are implemented with these third-party data processors to ensure the protection of your Personal Data.

EIP does not sell or transfer Personal Data to affiliates or third parties for value and does not intend to do so in the future. We will amend this Privacy Notice promptly upon any changes to this policy.

8. How long do we retain your Personal Data?
Your Personal Data will be retained for as long as you are one of our business contacts, or longer as required by applicable law. Your Personal Data may be deleted when it is no longer relevant or when you withdraw consent (see directly below), again within the parameters of applicable law. If we send you emails and/or market to you, you may unsubscribe at any time from communications from us, and we will cease sending you further communications.

9. What are my rights with respect to my Personal Data?
Your rights described in this Privacy Notice are applicable only if you reside in a jurisdiction where the provision of such rights is required by the data protection and privacy laws of the governing regulatory authority, as outlined further below. These rights may be limited and subject to further legal requirements.