EIP II Acquires Additional 3,583 Acres in Northeastern Minnesota

March 28, 2013

March 28, 2013

Ecosystem Investment Partners (EIP) is pleased to announce its acquisition of 3,583 acres in northeastern Minnesota that will be included in EIP’s existing Mississippi and Superior Wetland Mitigation Bank. Located in St. Louis County, Minnesota, the property EIP acquired is within the boundaries of the Sax – Zim Bog Wildlife Management Area (WMA). The Sax – Zim Bog WMA is widely renowned birding destination for boreal bird species, including the majestic great gray owl. This WMA has long been a high conservation and restoration priority of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  EIP completed this acquisition in collaboration with The Conservation Fund.

The Mississippi and Superior Wetland Mitigation Bank delivers high quality wetland mitigation to offset unavoidable, permitted wetland impacts in the Mississippi and Lake Superior watersheds of Minnesota. To learn more about the Mississippi and Superior Wetland Mitigation Bank please visit www.minnesotamitigation.com.

To inquire about reserving credits, please contact Steve Gilbertson at steve@minnesotamitigation.com or by phone at (218) 326-6510.