New Lincoln Institute Publication on Appraisal

October 17, 2014

October 17, 2014

A new Lincoln Institute white paper by EIP Partner Adam Davis describes how environmental features on land are handled in the appraisal process, and makes some recommendations for updating standards to reflect recent developments in mitigation banking and other environmental markets.

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is a leading voice on various land use policy issues including taxation, planning and valuation, and among many other services it publishes books, policy reports, conference papers and working papers on these subjects.  “The Nature of Value and the Value of Nature: A Review of Appraisal Methodology Concerning Natural Resource and Environmental Values” by EIP Partner Adam Davis is now available as a free download from the Lincoln Institute website.

This paper was commissioned by a partner organization to Lincoln, the Sonoran Institute based in Tucson, following an Asset Management Research Roundtable held in 2013.  This Roundtable was convened to address a series of issues of interest to State Land Trust Managers across the Western U.S., and the rules that determine the economic value of environmental features on land as well as the ‘fair market value’ of conventional real estate and natural resources emerged as a core area of interest.

For a link to the Lincoln Institute website where you can download the article, please click here.