Charles Etok Edwardsen Mitigation Bank


North Slope, AK




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CHARLES ETOK EDWARDSEN MITIGATION BANK protects critical tundra habitat in northern Alaska. EIP and the Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation are collaborating in the region to protect approximately 2,800 acres from development and other pressures that threaten the delicate arctic habitat of Alaska’s North Slope. This special habitat is home to 35 bird and nine mammal species, including Steller’s ducks, spectacled eider ducks, and polar bears, all of which are federally designated as threatened species. The Charles Etok Edwardsen Mitigation Bank also generates a new source of revenue for native residents of Utqiaġvik, Alaska.


Alaska North Slope

Utqiaġvik, Alaska

As the Artic changes, coastal land is rapidly vanishing. Preserving wetlands in the coastal mitigation bank protects thousands of inland acres for future generations.

Utqiaġvik, Alaska

The people of Utqiaġvik, Alaska continue traditions like harvesting bowhead whales, and also provide social and economic resources through UTC businesses. (1 of 2)

Utqiaġvik, Alaska

The Charles Etok Edwardsen Mitigation Bank is a natural way to further UIC's mission to protect traditional land uses. (2 of 2)


Our Partners

Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation is an Alaskan Native Corporation headquartered in Utqiaġvik, Alaska that provides social and economic resources for more than 2,900 Iñupiat shareholders. UIC is one of about 200 Alaska Native village corporations created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 in settlement of aboriginal land claims. Incorporated in 1973, UIC’s diverse industries and construction projects operate throughout the United States and in many remote locations in the Arctic. At Charles Etok Edwardsen Mitigation Bank, UIC is permitting the bank on land which it owns, and EIP is partnering and collaborating with the Corporation to provide assistance based on our experience permitting mitigation banks nationwide.


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