Crow Run Stream Mitigation Bank


Wetzel County, WV


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Mitigation Bank



CROW RUN MITIGATION BANK is the site of EIP’s successful restoration of more than 3 miles of degraded streams in northwestern West Virginia and provides much-needed stream credits to one of the State’s most rapidly developing regions. Following EIP’s work, the clear, clean water has returned, and the streams are once again home to robust communities of native plants and animals.

Credit purchases from Crow Run Stream Mitigation Bank enable large-scale conservation and restoration of West Virginia’s stream corridors for future generations. These credits support a diverse range of projects in West Virginia, including road construction, mining, and public infrastructure.

Stream or Wetland

Primary HUC 8 Watershed
– Middle Ohio North (05030201)
Secondary HUC 8 Watersheds
– Upper Ohio South (05030106)
– Upper Monongahela (0502003)
– West Fork (05020002)
– Little Kanawha (05030203)
– Middle Ohio South (05030202)

Crow Run Mitigation Bank

In October 2017, EIP begins stream and wetland restoration.

Crow Run Mitigation Bank

Following construction, our team reinforces stream banks with straw and biodegradable matting in preparation for seeding and planting.

Crow Run Mitigation Bank

Riparian buffers spring back to life in September 2018.

Crow Run Mitigation Bank

These woodland stonecrops (Sedum ternatum) return to the site following EIP's planting and seeding of native plants.

Crow Run Mitigation Bank

Revitalized streams and wetlands now provide enhanced habitats for species, including this box turtle (Terrapene carolina).

Crow Run Mitigation Bank

Boulder step pools help to create ideal habitat for a diversity of aquatic species.

Crow Run Mitigation Bank

September 2020 marks the second year of EIP's monitoring phase post-restoration, in which crews ensure the stream is performing optimally as designed.

ASR Appalachian Stream Restoration

Our Partners

Appalachian Stream Restoration & Reclamation Specialists, an industry leader in central Appalachia, contributed key construction experience and regional knowledge as we’ve partnered with them to restore streams across West Virginia and Maryland. ASR’s equipment operators include many individuals who transitioned their skills seamlessly from mining to stream restoration, with creativity and dedication.


Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc. partnered with EIP’s national team, applying their regional expertise in stream ecology, design, and permitting to multiple mitigation banks we developed together across West Virginia.