RCA Acquires EIP Walker Canyon Property and Adds 240 Acres to the Western Riverside Multiple-Species Habitat Conservation Plan Reserve

December 14, 2023

December 14, 2023 | Via The VISTA

On December 6, 2023, the Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority (RCA) acquired approximately 240 new acres of threatened and endangered species habitat to protect in perpetuity. The Ecosystems Investment Partners (EIP) Walker Canyon property is located in Lake Elsinore and was purchased for $1.44 million with State grant funding.

“For generations to come, Walker Canyon will be protected for habitat conservation and for the enjoyment of Lake Elsinore residents and surrounding communities,” said RCA Chair and City of Lake Elsinore Mayor Natasha Johnson. “Adding this property to the MSHCP assembly is a tremendous milestone and illustrates the regional and State dedication to the MSHCP. I’m proud of the meaningful progress the RCA has made to protect our natural habitat, including in the great City of Lake Elsinore. I am confident that RCA will build on this success,” she said.

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The properties are located east of I-15, near Lake Street in Lake Elsinore within the MSHCP Proposed Core 1 conservation area. In recent years, this area has received much attention for the California poppy super blooms due to the significant rainfall. Proposed Core 1 has long been under pressure for development as the communities in the region continue to grow. When the MSHCP reserve system is completely assembled in Proposed Core 1, it will provide the wildlife linkages and healthy habitats essential to the survival of MSHCP-protected species.

The EIP Walker Canyon property supports a mix of grassland, coastal sage scrub, and chaparral habitats. California gnatcatcher, matilija poppy, southern California rufous-crowned sparrow, Bell’s sparrow, and coastal western whiptail will be protected by the RCA with the acquisition of EIP Walker Canyon.

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