Glen Williams

Western Region Projects Director

GLEN WILLIAMS is the Western Region Projects Director at EIP, where he has been part of the team managing EIP’s investments in the West for the last two years. Glen’s responsibilities at EIP are diverse including pursuing new business opportunities, negotiating complex real estate transactions and managing teams of expert engineers and consultants. Glen has the privilege of working across disciplines to support various teams at EIP including Operations, Real Estate, Legal and Entitlement.

Glen’s career in conservation real estate spans over 20 years with conservation and restoration projects across the country. Prior to joining EIP, Glen was Vice President of a national non-profit land conservancy and later was founder/principal of a land conservation focused consulting group. A highlight of his time at EIP has been engaging in landscape scale restoration projects that can fundamentally change the trajectory of species threatened with extinction.

Glen lives in Sausalito, California with his wife Christy. They enjoy boating on the San Francisco Bay, skiing/backpacking in the Sierras and biking the endless trails of Marin County. Glen has a BA from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Q&A with Glen

What interested you in this kind of work? 

I come from a real estate and development family, spending my youth as an avid backpacker, fisherman and adventurer. These two dominant themes growing up led to my first professional job out of University at The American Land Conservancy. Working at the conservancy and then later as private consultant, I was exposed to a great diversity of conservation projects and stakeholders – an ideal training ground for the work at EIP.

What excites you about EIP’s impact in the world?

One of the most intriguing aspects of working at EIP is the novel approach that we can bring to solve long standing environmental problems. For example, when Pay-For-Performance contracting clicks in the mind of the rancher or the regulator, or the environmental advocate, it creates immediate alignment. People are thrilled with EIP’s innovative strategy and ability to succeed.