Kevin Roush

Assistant Director of Business Development

KEVIN ROUSH is Assistant Director of Business Development at EIP, where he helps permittees navigate the stream, wetland, and endangered species habitat mitigation process. Having worked in the mitigation space for nearly the last decade, primarily in the Appalachian region, he brings a wealth of experience assisting clients to reduce their mitigation liabilities, find cost savings, and accelerate the permitting process for their projects.

Kevin brings a unique perspective to this position having prior experience working within the mitigation industry as an eco-asset developer/provider at a nationwide mitigation firm and directly in private industry as a permittee at one of the nation’s largest diversified energy producers. During that time, his responsibilities spanned site search, project management, construction oversight, regulatory engagement, sales, and marketing.

Kevin currently resides in Florida with his wife, Erin, and their daughter. When not working, he can usually be found running or partaking in any outdoor activity that involves water or trails. Kevin holds a BS in Biology from Alderson-Broaddus University in Philippi, WV.

Q&A with Kevin

What does your role entail at EIP?

“Here at EIP, I have the opportunity to help clients navigate the stream, wetland and endangered species habitat mitigation permitting process, solve large-scale compensatory mitigation issues, and assist in the procurement of mitigation credits. I also help guide our new market decisions, which enables environmental offsets to be developed in the right place and at the right time for future permittees.”

What interested you about this line of work?

“I have always been drawn to the outdoors—more specifically, water-related outdoor activities.  Having the ability to work in an industry where the primary goal is to improve and conserve these finite natural resources while still enabling responsible land development is a win-win.  Having grown up and spent much of my life in the Appalachia region, I take great pride in the fact that our work is creating jobs, contributing to the local economy, and restoring the natural resources that make the area so special.”

What excites you about EIP’s impact in the world?

“Restoring and conserving natural places for future generations.  With us all feeling the effects of climate change and the recent pandemic, we can all more fully realize the importance of developing green infrastructure and having outdoor places for everyone to enjoy.”