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BORAN RANCH MITIGATION BANK is one of the largest and most ecologically diverse wetland properties in the 115,000-acre Peace-Myakka Wildlife Corridor in Florida. Before EIP purchased this bank in 2014, EarthBalance reversed damage inflicted by historical cattle grazing and wetland drainage by restoring ephemeral wet prairie habitat, marshes, oak hammock, and longleaf pine flatwood forested habitats. EIP and its partners brought back this vital wetland habitat to central Florida through plugging ditches, restoring natural wetland topography, and replanting native herbaceous wetland vegetation. The Horse Creek Mitigation Bank and other adjacent protected lands in the corridor work together with the Boran Ranch Mitigation Bank to provide a large contiguous area of habitat that contributes to regional ecological health.

Credits from Boran Ranch Mitigation Bank are approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to fulfill mitigation requirements of Section 404 Clean Water Act permits — and are also approved by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) to satisfy compliance under the Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) Program.

– Palustrine Emergent (Corps)
– Freshwater Forested (SWFWMD)
– Freshwater Herbaceous (SWFWMD)

– Wood Stork
– Panther Habitat Units

Peace River (03100101) subbasin

Boran Ranch Mitigation Bank

Both forested and herbaceous habitats play important and unique roles in the Florida landscape.

Boran Ranch Mitigation Bank

Some plants, like these saw palmetto and longleaf pine, are iconic species in central Florida.

Boran Ranch Mitigation Bank

EIP's mitigation in Florida is improving water quality and bringing back crucial wildlife habitat.

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Our Partners

EarthBalance has been an important contributor to project success because they understand and effectively support implementation at the scale at which EIP works. The company has deep experience with Florida mitigation and restoration, knowledge of local ecology, trusted relationships with regional regulators, and an extensive team accustomed to delivering high quality restoration and partnering with permittees to find cost-effective mitigation solutions. EarthBalance assists permittees and consultants obtain credits from the Boran Ranch, Peace River, and Horse Creek Mitigation Banks.