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Wade Waltimyer

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HORSE CREEK MITIGATION BANK in Central Florida is newly completed as of 2020. The site is designed to enhance and protect important habitats within the 115,000-acre Peace-Myakka Wildlife Corridor. A prescribed fire regime and other restoration efforts have enriched this “biodiversity hotspot” and prompted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to designate the site an important preservation area. The adjacent Babcock Ranch Preserve, with connections to Lake Okeechobee, the Myakka River State Park, and Boran Ranch Mitigation Bank all work together with the Horse Creek Mitigation Bank to provide a larger habitat capable of hosting a diverse ecosystem.

Credits from Horse Creek Mitigation Bank are approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to fulfill mitigation requirements of Section 404 Clean Water Act permits — and are also approved by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) to satisfy compliance under the Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) Program.

– Palustrine Emergent (Corps)
– Palustrine Forested (Corps)
– Freshwater Forested (SWFWMD)
– Freshwater Herbaceous (SWFWMD)

– Wood Stork

Peace River (03100101) subbasin

Horse Creek Mitigation Bank

We install water control structures to bring water levels back up to support onsite wetlands.

Horse Creek Mitigation Bank

Large-scale restoration requires moving dirt to specific elevations to ensure water levels are ideal for wetlands.

Horse Creek Mitigation Bank

A rich mosaic of habitats, like this old live oak and saw palmetto, provide support for a diversity of species.

Horse Creek Mitigation Bank

Several construction vehicles are required to build impactful restoration projects.

GS Greensource Environmental

Our Partners

Greensource Environmental has collaborated with EIP since the beginning of our work in Florida. At Horse Creek, Old Florida, and Upper Coastal Mitigation Banks, Greensource conducted a thorough evaluation of historical land use, and pre-restoration conditions. The team delivered insights that translated into an effective restoration plan — one that only comes with a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of ecological and hydrologic function. As our “Ecological Sherlock Holmes,” the firm helps us find clues on the ground that let us maximize ecological uplift in our restoration designs.


EarthBalance has been an important contributor to project success because they understand and effectively support implementation at the scale at which EIP works. The company has deep experience with Florida mitigation and restoration, knowledge of local ecology, trusted relationships with regional regulators, and an extensive team accustomed to delivering high quality restoration and partnering with permittees to find cost-effective mitigation solutions. EarthBalance assists permittees and consultants obtain credits from the Horse Creek, Boran Ranch, and Peace River Mitigation Banks.