Chef Menteur Pass Mitigation Bank


Orleans Parish, LA




Mitigation Bank



CHEF MENTEUR PASS MITIGATION BANK is located in Orleans Parish, Louisiana, and is the only private, fully permitted brackish marsh mitigation bank in the state. Across Louisiana, coastal wetlands are being lost every day due to rising sea levels, subsidence, and erosion. These wetlands serve important functions, such as protecting developed areas from storm surges, improving water quality, and providing critical habitat for Louisiana fisheries; their restoration and protection is a critical element in supporting local economies and keeping communities safe and productive.

To date, EIP has restored 508 acres of coastal marsh habitat that is now home to fish, waterfowl and numerous other wildlife. EIP’s actions at Chef Menteur are also mitigating ongoing wetland losses throughout the Mississippi River’s deltaic plain.

Chef Menteur Pass Mitigation Bank is located on the East Orleans Land Bridge, which has been at risk of disappearing following decades of shoreline erosion and wetland loss. Today, EIP is reversing this course by restoring the marshes, elevations and plant communities to a healthy and resilient condition.

The Chef Menteur Pass Wetland Mitigation Bank is approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to fulfill mitigation requirements of Section 404 Clean Water Act permits. It’s also approved by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Office of Coastal Management to satisfy compliance under the Louisiana Coastal Resources Program/Coastal Use Permits.

– Brackish/saline marsh credits (certified by Louisiana Department of Natural Resources)

Deltaic LRAM Basin, including
– Eastern Louisiana Coastal (08090203) subbasin
– Lower Mississippi-New Orleans (08090100) subbasin
– Liberty Bayou-Tchefuncte (08090100) subbasin
– Amite (08070202) subbasin
– Tickfaw (08070203) subbasin
– Lake Maurepas (08070204) subbasin
– East Central Louisiana Coastal (08090301) subbasin
– West Central Louisiana Coastal (08090302) subbasin
– Atchafalaya (08080101) subbasin
– Bayou Teche (08080102) subbasin
– Vermillion (08080103) subbasin

Chef Menteur Mitigation Bank

EIP's partners monitor the flourishing fisheries at the Chef Menteur Pass Mitigation Bank.

Chef Menteur Mitigation Bank

EIP partners catch an Atlantic blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) on the site.

Chef Menteur Mitigation Bank

Great egrets (Ardea alba) flock to the restored wetlands at Chef Menteur.

SEG Environmental

Our Partners

EIP’s Pay for Performance restoration projects throughout the Gulf Coast require us to meet multiple goals: we deliver customers cost-effective compliance solutions while meeting regulatory requirements and advancing regional environmental priorities. SEG Environmental‘s local biologists and restoration experts help us manage the full range of these challenges with the attention to detail that is required for project success. SEG’s team is responsive, has a great reputation with regulators, and brings deep knowledge of restoration principles and project management to everything they’ve done with EIP across the Gulf South, from planning to implementation to completion.