Phillips Creek Mitigation Bank


Sabine Parish, LA


Stream, Wetland


Mitigation Bank



Codi Moore Brown

Credit Sales Representative

PHILLIPS CREEK MITIGATION BANK, formerly the site of cattle and hay pastures, now benefits from carefully planned and implemented wetland restoration, including the use of heavy machinery to place large woody debris in order to restore the area’s natural streams. This detailed and meticulous work led to Phillips Creek’s successful construction in 2017 as EIP and Delta Land Service’s first dual district bank.

EIP owns and sponsors the bank, while Delta continues to work with permittees and consultants to sell the credits. Credits from Phillips Creek Mitigation Bank meet the needs of diverse development projects in western Louisiana, from roads to oil and gas to industrial development.

Wetland (Forested RSEC, MPAC, TSSW)
Stream (Perennial, Intermittent)

– Toledo Bend (12010004) subbasin
– Middle Sabine (12010002) subbasin
– Lower Sabine (120100005) subbasin

Phillips Creek Mitigation Bank

A major component of stream restoration at Phillips Creek entailed the shaping of a large stream channel.

Phillips Creek Mitigation Bank

Seen from above, the freshly constructed meandering Phillips Creek will soon be covered in streamside vegetation.

DLS Delta Land Services

Our Partners

Since 2018, EIP and Delta Land Services have partnered to bring the breadth of EIP’s national mitigation experience together with Delta’s Gulf Coast expertise. As a team, we successfully operate a portfolio of ten mitigation banks in Texas and Louisiana. Delta’s knowledge of regional ecology, and skill in both construction and credit sales, have earned them their strong local reputation. Our regional alliance expands the availability of cost-effective mitigation solutions for Gulf South permittees.