Ponderosa Ranch of Point Coupee Mitigation Bank

Amendment One


Pointe Coupee Parish, LA




Mitigation Bank



Codi Moore Brown

Credit Sales Representative

PONDEROSA RANCH OF POINTE COUPEE MITIGATION BANK AMENDMENT I is an add-on to the Ponderosa Ranch of Pointe Coupee Mitigation Bank. Construction was completed in 2017. This former cattle production site is now home to deer, waterfowl, ducks, and, for the first time in years, black bears. This site’s unique series of ridges and swales provide an important wetlands and uplands mosaic. As part of a larger assemblage of restored wetlands, Ponderosa Ranch of Pointe Coupee Amendment I provides even greater ecological value to the area.

EIP owns and sponsors the bank, while Delta continues to operate the bank, and work with permittees and consultants to sell the credits. Our credits meet the needs of diverse development projects across the Terrebonne watershed, from roads to oil and gas to industrial development.

– Bottomland Hardwoods
– Cypress/Tupelo Gum Swamp

Terrebone LRAM Basin, including
– West Central LA Coastal (08090302) subbasin
– Lower Grand (08070300) subbasin

Ponderosa Amendment I

Project scale and interconnectivity with nearby restored land create great ecological value.

Ponderosa Amendment I

Fast-growing cottonwoods (Populus deltoides) shade out competition and promote the growth of shade-tolerant oaks.

Ponderosa Amendment I

Unique to river systems and adjacent wetlands, this ridge and swale complex is composed of both bottomland hardwoods and cypress swamps.

Ponderosa Amendment I

Prior to restoration, the young bottomland hardwoods stand on the right looked exactly like the pasture on the left. (1 of 2)

Ponderosa Amendment I

Hydrology restoration and afforestation now have brought an abundance of wildlife calling this site home. (2 of 2)

Ponderosa Amendment I

The sloughs within the restored cypress swamp provide excellent shorebird habitat.

Ponderosa Amendment I

A remnant drain lined with early successional willows (Salix nigra).

Ponderosa Amendment I

A mix of hard and soft mast seedlings begin taking root.

DLS Delta Land Services

Our Partners

Since 2018, EIP and Delta Land Services have partnered to bring the breadth of EIP’s national mitigation experience together with Delta’s Gulf Coast expertise. As a team, we successfully operate a portfolio of ten mitigation banks in Texas and Louisiana. Delta’s knowledge of regional ecology, and skill in both construction and credit sales, have earned them their strong local reputation. Our regional alliance expands the availability of cost-effective mitigation solutions for Gulf South permittees.