Kanawha Yeager Fork Mitigation Bank


Mason County, WV


Stream, Wetland


Mitigation Bank



KANAWHA YEAGER FORK MITIGATION BANK, together with Kanawha Sapsucker Run Mitigation Bank, is located in Mason County, West Virginia, near the Ohio river. EIP’s restoration of these two properties focused on slowing and decreasing the rate of erosion, and re-establishing forested riparian buffers. Adding woody materials in the stream and increasing rooting adjacent to the stream has helped produce more bio-geochemical cycling to improve water quality and macroinvertebrate production. This has improved the ecological health of the water ways and land.

To date, EIP has restored six miles of stream and planted more than 56,000 trees in the Kanawha watershed.

Credit purchases from Kanawha Yeager Run Mitigation Bank enable large-scale conservation and restoration of West Virginia’s stream corridors for future generations. These credits support a diverse range of projects in West Virginia, including road construction, mining, and public infrastructure.

Stream or Wetland

Primary HUC 8 Watershed
– Lower Kanawha (05050008)
Secondary HUC 8 Watersheds
– Elk (05050007)
– Gauley (05050005)
– Greenbrier (05050003)
– Middle New (05050002)
– Lower New (05020004)
– Upper Kanawha (05050006)
– Coal (05050009)

Kanawha Yeager Fork

A constructed pool with root wads provides the perfect habitat and hiding places for fish species.

Kanawha Yeager Fork

These snags are placed within the riparian buffer to provide habitat for small mammals and birds.

Kanawha Yeager Fork

Native plants thrive in riparian buffers along rehabilitated streams, like this wild bergamot (Monarda fistulosa), whose nectar attracts pollinators.


Our Partners

Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc. partnered with EIP’s national team, applying their regional expertise in stream ecology, design, and permitting to multiple mitigation banks we developed together across West Virginia.


Rosscapes Inc. is an experienced stream construction firm and a trusted local partner to EIP’s national team, helping EIP put restoration in the ground at Kanawha Yeager Fork Mitigation Bank in West Virginia.