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Kevin Roush

Assistant Director of Business Development

MARYTOWN MITIGATION BANK is in McDowell County, West Virginia, the southern tip of the state, which is nestled deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Traditionally, this region has relied heavily on coal mining, which provided jobs and contributed to the local economy. Completed in the winter of 2016, this mitigation bank is one of EIP’s first restoration projects in West Virginia. Our work helped restore, enhance, and preserve 27.6 miles of stream. We used natural channel design (NCD) techniques that mimic natural conditions prior to land use activities. EIP’s restoration eased the stress on streams, allowing them to return to a productive state of support for countless species of plants and animals.

Credit purchases from Marytown Mitigation Bank enable large-scale conservation and restoration of West Virginia’s stream corridors for future generations. These credits support a diverse range of projects in West Virginia, including road construction, mining, and public infrastructure.


Primary HUC 8 Watershed
– Tug (05070201)
Secondary HUC 8 Watersheds
– Upper Guyandotte (05070101)
– Twelvepole (05090102)
– Big Sandy (05070204)
– Middle New (05050002)

Marytown Mitigation Bank

Our experienced and nimble construction team traverses forested hillslopes to rehabilitate streams.

Marytown Mitigation Bank

After stream construction, we use biodegradable matting to reinforce streambanks in preparation for panting and seeding the riparian buffers.

Marytown Mitigation Bank

Our local partners monitor the progress of the renewed stream in March 2017.

Marytown Mitigation Bank

Stream water flows over a log structure incorporated to reduce water velocity.


Our Partners

Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc. partnered with EIP’s national team, applying their regional expertise in stream ecology, design, and permitting to multiple mitigation banks we developed together across West Virginia.

ASR Appalachian Stream Restoration

Appalachian Stream Restoration & Reclamation Specialists, an industry leader in central Appalachia, contributed key construction experience and regional knowledge as we’ve partnered with them to restore streams across West Virginia and Maryland. ASR’s equipment operators include many individuals who transitioned their skills seamlessly from mining to stream restoration, with creativity and dedication.