Licking River Mitigation Bank


Nicholas County, KY




Mitigation Bank



LICKING RIVER MITIGATION BANK is located in Garrard County, Kentucky, and will service the fast-growing economy and development needs of northern Kentucky. Currently, this bank is under review by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Interagency Review Team (IRT). EIP will increase ecological functions at this site by re-establishing, rehabilitating, and preserving 40,984 linear feet of streams. Our restoration will include riffle-pool sequences, riparian corridor establishment, created wetlands and vernal pools, and detritus and epifaunal substrates that we add to the streams. EIP’s mitigation credits will allow developers to offset unavoidable impacts to Waters of the United States (WOTUS).


USACE Pre-Defined Service Area 6, including HUC 8 Watersheds
– Ohio-Brush Whiteoak (05090201)
– Licking (05100101)
– Middle-Ohio Laughery (05090203)
– Silver-Little Kentucky (05140101)
– Salt (05140102)
– Lower Kentucky (05100205)
– South Fork Licking (05100102)

Licking River Mitigation Bank

Before restoration, EIP's partner biologists collect extensive biological documentation, which informs our project design — and measures its success over time.

Licking River Mitigation Bank

During baseline fish sampling, central stoneroller fish (Compostoma anomalum) are identified.

Across Appalachia, restored streams are bringing back flora and fauna

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Our Partners

Beaver Creek Hydrology’s expert team understands the complexities of stream restoration and addresses them with the highest degree of innovation and creativity. They work with EIP to help us design our large-scale stream restoration projects across Appalachia. BCH, one of the leading stream design firms in the country, invented the natural channel design software, BANKFULL, that efficiently tackles our large-scale projects. They have published and presented widely about hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.

SRS Stream Restoration Specialists

Stream Restoration Specialists, based in Corbin, Kentucky, is one of the best stream builders in the industry. EIP has worked on multiple projects with SRS’s expert construction team. Their team members from a range of backgrounds, including former road builders, coal miners, and self-taught stream contractors, are efficient, self-sufficient, and top-notch with project logistics and scheduling. Working in tandem with both EIP and Beaver Creek Hydrology, SRS’s stream building expertise takes design concepts and turns them into reality.