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Estill County, KY




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Kevin Roush

Assistant Director of Business Development

SPOUT SPRINGS MITIGATION BANK is in a region of Estill County, Kentucky known for its historical agriculture and logging operations which, in some places, once interfered with natural stream flows. EIP’s restoration will establish streams and restore riparian buffers. This will improve water quality and bring back a vibrant habitat for native flora and fauna.

Spout Springs Mitigation Bank is currently under permitting and review by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Interagency Review Team (IRT).


USACE Pre-Defined Service Area 7, including HUC 8 Watersheds
– Lower Kentucky (05100205)
– South Fork Licking (05100102)
– Upper Kentucky (05100204)
– Salt (05140102)
– Rolling Fork (05140103)

Spout Springs Mitigation Bank

Still in the permitting stage, Spout Springs is one of EIP’s newest stream restoration projects in Appalachia.

Spout Springs Mitigation Bank

These blooming ironweed (Vernonia spp.) plants are native to the area, and attract key pollinators including bees and butterflies.

Across Appalachia, restored streams are bringing back flora and fauna

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Our Partners

Beaver Creek Hydrology’s expert team understands the complexities of stream restoration and addresses them with the highest degree of innovation and creativity. They work with EIP to help us design our large-scale stream restoration projects across Appalachia. BCH, one of the leading stream design firms in the country, invented the natural channel design software, BANKFULL, that efficiently tackles our large-scale projects. They have published and presented widely about hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.

SRS Stream Restoration Specialists

Stream Restoration Specialists, based in Corbin, Kentucky, is one of the best stream builders in the industry. EIP has worked on multiple projects with SRS’s expert construction team. Their team members from a range of backgrounds, including former road builders, coal miners, and self-taught stream contractors, are efficient, self-sufficient, and top-notch with project logistics and scheduling. Working in tandem with both EIP and Beaver Creek Hydrology, SRS’s stream building expertise takes design concepts and turns them into reality.

Bluegrass Stream new logo

As EIP plans the re-grading and reconstruction of the region’s stream beds, we draw on the locally based construction team at Bluegrass Stream LLC to use natural channel design techniques to help us achieve long-term stream stabilization.