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Codi Moore Brown

Credit Sales Representative

HALLS BAYOU MITIGATION BANK is named for the bayou that flows through the area. Originally this land was a rice, soybean, and sorghum farm. This wetland restoration included several prescribed burns on 379 acres of former farmland. This low-lying tract is located close enough to the coast for brackish influence to impact the water from storm surges, which affects the types of species found here, including schools of redfish. Now, cranes flock to the site, as well as an abundant range of wildlife including bobwhite quail, bald eagles, deer, bobcats, snipe, wading birds, and ducks — and even the endangered whooping crane.

Notably, although this site is in the easternmost portion of the Columbia bottomlands, it shares the same watershed as Houston and Galveston. The watershed includes a bayou untouched by development, as well as stands of old growth oak forest.

EIP owns and sponsors Halls Bayou Mitigation Bank, and Delta will work with permittees and consultants to sell the credits. Mitigation credits are pending.

– Forested iHGM – Physical, Biological, Chemical

– West Galveston Bay (12040204) subbasin
– Austin-Oyster (12040205) subbasin
– East Galveston Bay (12040204) subbasin

Halls Bayou Mitigation Bank

Halls Bayou is a navigable waterbody bordering the proposed restoration site.

Halls Bayou Mitigation Bank

The restoration of the adjacent wetlands will improve downstream water quality.

Halls Bayou Mitigation Bank

A tributary to Halls Bayou will also benefit from the adjacent wetland restoration.

Halls Bayou Mitigation Bank

Although the existing conditions may differ, both fields will be restored to the native palustrine emergent (PEM) wetland.

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Since 2018, EIP and Delta Land Services have partnered to bring the breadth of EIP’s national mitigation experience together with Delta’s Gulf Coast expertise. As a team, we successfully operate a portfolio of ten mitigation banks in Texas and Louisiana. Delta’s knowledge of regional ecology, and skill in both construction and credit sales, have earned them their strong local reputation. Our regional alliance expands the availability of cost-effective mitigation solutions for Gulf South permittees.