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Codi Moore Brown

Credit Sales Representative

DANZA DEL RIO MITIGATION BANK is located in the heart of the Columbia bottomlands in Brazoria County, Texas, an area known to host more species of birds than any other county in the United States. This 795-acre site, called “Danza Del Rio” to honor the original name for the Brazos River, was used for grazing cattle before its restoration in 2018. Home to wetlands, giant live oaks, pecan trees, and a fruit tree called mayhaw, the site abuts the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge on two sides, providing great ecological value to the region. Many additional National Wildlife Refuges are also found nearby. The bottomland hardwood restoration at Danza del Rio includes the special technique of using cottonwood trees to suppress invasive species growth through shading.

EIP is the owner and sponsor of the bank, and Delta will continue to work with permittees and consultants to sell the credits. Our credits meet the needs of diverse development projects in the in the Matagorda watershed area, from roads to oil and gas to industrial development.

– Forested iHGM – Physical, Biological, Chemical

– East Matagorda Bay (12090402) subbasin
– San Bernard (12090401) subbasin
– Lower Colorado (12090302) subbasin
– Lower Brazos (12070104) subbasin
– Austin Oyster (12040205) subbasin

Danza del Rio

Cottonwood trees are used as a temporary cover to suppress invasive species growth.

Danza del Rio

A little of the old: Nothing like live oak trees and Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) provide good habitat and that "old-timey" feel.

Danza del Rio

These cottonwood trees are a temporary cover, and will be removed when the understory can resist invasive species.

Danza del Rio

Keeping some of the old: Sometimes good restoration means keeping the best of what is already there.

Danza del Rio

Saw palmetto, live oaks, and Spanish moss are characteristic of forested habitats near the Gulf Coast.

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Our Partners

Since 2018, EIP and Delta Land Services have partnered to bring the breadth of EIP’s national mitigation experience together with Delta’s Gulf Coast expertise. As a team, we successfully operate a portfolio of ten mitigation banks in Texas and Louisiana. Delta’s knowledge of regional ecology, and skill in both construction and credit sales, have earned them their strong local reputation. Our regional alliance expands the availability of cost-effective mitigation solutions for Gulf South permittees.