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Codi Moore Brown

Credit Sales Representative

LONG ISLAND COVE MITIGATION BANK, named for the bayou flowing through the bank, is currently under permitting. Once approved, EIP and our partner, Delta Land Services, will restore 617 acres of wetlands, including an abandoned 124-acre bermed reservoir referred to as a “sky pond,” will recreate natural flow through the cove, and will remove an extensive infestation of invasive Chinese tallow.

Delta determined the site’s original habitat makeup by looking at historic maps, which gave us the information we needed to plan a strategic restoration of both forested and herbaceous wetland areas. These wetlands are characteristically populated by planer trees, alligators, ducks, and waterfowl, all of which will be protected by EIP’s wildlife management plan.

EIP owns and sponsors Halls Bayou Mitigation Bank, and Delta will work with permittees and consultants to sell the credits. Mitigation credits are pending.

– Forested iHGM – Physical, Biological, Chemical

– Lower Trinity (12030203) subbasin
– Southern portion of the Lower Trinity-Kickapoo (12030202) subbasin

Long Island Cove Mitigation Bank

Prior to construction, a Cooper's Hawk (Accipiter cooperii) visits the site. Future wetland restoration will enhance the number and variety of plant and animal species.

Long Island Cove Mitigation Bank

Long Island Cove is a bayou that runs through the site as a natural feature.

Long Island Cove Mitigation Bank

An access road shows upland erosion, which EIP will resolve by setting proper elevations and reconnecting hydrology.

Long Island Cove Mitigation Bank

Stagnant water showcases the need to reconnect natural hydrology flows and elevations.

Long Island Cove Mitigation Bank

Delta Land Services surveys the site via ATV. As crews combat invasive species using herbicide, the trees on the site become temporarily defoliated as a result.

Long Island Cove Mitigation Bank

Although the site's hydrology is in good shape, its vegetation is lacking. EIP and its partners will re-vegetate the site to ensure proper wetland function.

Long Island Cove Mitigation Bank

Thickets of invasive Chinese tallow (Triadica sebifera) that permeate the site will be removed.

DLS Delta Land Services

Our Partners

Since 2018, EIP and Delta Land Services have partnered to bring the breadth of EIP’s national mitigation experience together with Delta’s Gulf Coast expertise. As a team, we successfully operate a portfolio of ten mitigation banks in Texas and Louisiana. Delta’s knowledge of regional ecology, and skill in both construction and credit sales, have earned them their strong local reputation. Our regional alliance expands the availability of cost-effective mitigation solutions for Gulf South permittees.